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Encouragement is Essential

Encouragement is very important to us.

In school, at home, out and about we are always seeing people our age or younger achieving things that we have yet to understand. While we're young we don't see the difference between us and others because we're more focused on playing and doing creative learning things that hid that hide the fact that was actually meant to be learning. However, as we grow we start to see the separation between ourselves and the other kids.
It was in Junior school when I started to realize the crater between me and the other kids.

There were many hints
- Special class (where I was taken out of class and put into a smaller one)
-My mother was constantly worrying about my learning
-My younger cousins would talk to me about things that I didn't understand

Even today, I still feel the differences and it does depress me a little but not as much as it did when I was younger.
Every step of the way my mother has been by my side encouraging me.
Telling me…

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